"The president set a rigorous standard last year, constructing an apparatus of lies it will be hard to match tonight." -- James Carroll makes some predictions and dire pronouncements for tonight's State of the Union address in this Globe opinion piece. I'm expecting the most nauseating display of mendacity and hubris yet from this Administration...I'll pick up some fresh Pepto-Bismol on the way home.

And speaking of nauseating, I clicked over to NBC.com to check the broadcast schedule for tonight -- you'd think the major television broadcasters could, y'know, highlight the most important appearance the President makes all year, and this being a President who hardly ever appears in public, plus we're, y'know, in the middle of a WAR, not to mention a global economic tailspin, so maybe it's a teensy bit more important than "Average Joe 2" and "The Tracy Morgan Show"?! Especially considering that the networks LICENSE the airwaves from the American public, and are supposed to spend some time serving the public interest, right? Oh, feh, I give up.

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