Music and art are permanently cancelled, but football still rules -- here's an Obscure Store link I can totally relate to. A small township in NJ is thinking of buying each of their winning H.S. football players a $450 gold championship ring. Meanwhile, the band parents had to raise their own money to save the annual school musical. In my NJ hometown, I attended the largest high school in the state, and we were awash in federal funding, but there was still incredible inequity like this. We didn't even have girls' soccer, only boys', until my senior year -- allegedly because of "lack of interest," but really it was just a lazy athletic director. Both girls' soccer and volleyball players had to purchase their own uniform shirts (though admittedly we got court shoes for free), while the football, (boys') basketball, and baseball players (who won their respective state championships each year I was there) got loads of free equipment (warmups, sweatshirts, sneakers, bags, varsity jackets, etc.) and, incidentally, hardly ever attended class. By the time I graduated the Board of Ed. decided every championship team or activity, from football to track to golf, had to get the same awards -- which is why I own a Jostens ring from the debate team.

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