Help spread the internet love -- here's a story which grows bigger and better by the day. Last week, I read on Jen Hunter's LiveJournal about Rebecca Ballard, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend in Georgia, who lost everything in a devastating house fire. She and her daughters and brother (and pet rabbit) got out, but they were left with nothing. The LiveJournal and other internet communities rallied to get donations of cash and clothes -- but of course, the further the story spread, the more skeptical some folks became. Today the local paper ran a story on the fire and the outpouring of web-charity, thanks to PayPal -- which is what I used to send a few bucks, and you can too, now that the media has authenticated the tale! It's good to see some generosity in this world...I know there are many needy people and organizations out there, but I'd rather give to this family than to these twits, for example.

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