Dean's Yawp -- "reinforcement of a perceived character flaw," or should everyone just move on already? I vote for the latter. People seem to be quite hung up on that one guttural syllable...what kind of fairweather voter turns off his support for a candidate based on something like this? Oh right, the American kind. It peeves me no end that Democrats are stampeding around like this; let's hope we can get it together before the convention, or we'll look like a bunch of ninnies going into the general. I've got nothing against Kerry -- he's my senator, for Pete's sake. But he's run a lackluster campagin, up until he started poaching ideas from Dean, anyway. He may be "Presidential" but he's also a rich, entrenched, millionaire Senator, and deeply boring...mybe that's what makes him so "Presidential," hmmm...I think maybe now's the time to think back to when Kerry voted for the war in Iraq, people...or we can just let CNN and Zobgy cast our votes for us, how would that be? Grrrrrrrrrr...

UPDATE: Maureen redeemed! Dowd makes some sense of both Dean's yowl and W.'s scowl.

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