It's that special winter Tuesday, folks -- no, not the New Hampshire primary, the Oscar nominations have been announced, and it's going to be a quality ceremony this year! Plenty of excellent costume opportunities among the Best Picture picks alone: The Return of the King, of course; Master and Commander; Lost in Translation; Mystic River; and Seabiscuit. From elf to jockey, the choices are endless! Peter Jackson is up for Best Director, and I'm 99% certain he'll beat out Sofia Coppola -- who's only the third woman ever nominated in that category. The biggest snub of the year goes to Cold Mountain, which isn't nominated for Best Picture or Director, but has two entries in Best Song...hmmmmm. And the biggest surprise to me is the Best Original Screenplay nod for Finding Nemo, which might be a first for an animated movie. Let the hypefest begin!

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