"As an advertiser, you don't want to alienate 20 or 30 or 40 million women via the catfight beer ad" -- awww, that's sweet. Looks like this year the SuperBowl's underwriters will be pitching to the ladies as well as the beer-swilling, impotent men. After last year's parade of appalling Bud Lite ads, that's a relief. Surely this little diversion will pull in the female viewers too -- if they're not too busy rustling up snacks for the menfolk, that is. And look, the NFL itself is reaching out to its feminine fans with "NFL 101" classes...hmmm, remind me why I like baseball, again? Sheesh.

But speaking of the SuperBowl, it's going to be a battle of the one-pot meals, according to the NYTimes, anyway. Mark Bittman (the supergenius behind "How To Cook Everything" -- a cookbook I've had for 5 years and have yet to look something up in and not find it) prepares head-to-head Carolina chicken bog and Boston baked beans. Go Pats (and beans)!

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