It's always a good time for some Summertime Roadside Sightings!

1. Trotting across Trapelo Road in the afternoon sunshine, stoping traffic, smooth as you please, looking for a delicious garbage can or stray kittycat -- one rather glossy, non-malnourished-looking coyote.

2. Driving through Wellesley at 4pm on a weekday, I pass the corner of a well-manicured side street, at which are standing 3 or 4 women, waiting for a bus. Not to take them somewhere, though -- they're waiting for the schoolbus bringing their kids home from day camp, having walked down the shady street at exactly 3:50 and spending a few minutes chatting and leaning against a picket fence in the sun. Must be nice...if you like living in a Tom Perrotta novel.

3. On our way down to south Jersey on the Turnpike, we pass a crisp white airport van, stenciled with the name of the limo service on the side. Under the driver's side window, it reads cheerfully, "SAFE TRAVELS AND GODSPEED."