CBS: The Censorship Broadcasting Network? You may have followed the hoopla over MoveOn.org's political ad contest, "Bush in 30 Seconds." The winning ad is a subtle but powerful condemnation of the towering Bush deficit, and the effect it will have on future generations of American workers -- it's not some crazed Bush-hating rant, and Bush himself isn't even depicted. So why is this "too controversial" for CBS to broadcast during the SuperBowl? Who the hell knows -- this is the same network that takes ads from tobacco companies (and will broadcast an SuperBowl ad prepared by the White House), and cancelled its miniseries on the Reagans after the GOP grumbled it was "too biased." To be fair, CBS also rejected an ad from notoriously over-the-top animal rights group PETA, and technically they have the right to turn down paid advertising...except when they seem to be lapdogs of the corporate right, that is.

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