Hello out there in blogland, I am in fact still alive -- just working a lot more, and blogging a lot less. My "new" (six months and counting...) job has a piping hot firewall, from behind which I can't see any blogs, video, or "sleepwear and lingerie" sites...not so fun when you're looking to send a pajamagram!

My goal for the summer is to pick up TAI, dust it off, and get on a weekend posting schedule...we can dream. We also moved house and I am currently enjoying a huge walk-in closet, but the rest of my workspace is stacked with boxes labeled things like CRAFT JUNK and MORE BOOKS. Hmmmmm.

For your blogular enjoyment in the meantime, you should rely, as I do, on Nat instead. As of tomorrow we've been married for two years (!!) and we are still having fun, you can read all about it. :)