Since The Friday Five is not alive these days, Nat has drafted an indie version -- we were talking yesterday about boiling down years of schooling into one nugget of knowledge...behold!

What's the ONE THING you learned in...

1...grade school?
How to divide fractions (using the S.M.U.R.F. technique!), and also that the plural of "passer-by" is "passers by."

2...high school?
How to write an equation for the aerobic respiration reaction...love that Krebs Cycle!

Besides memorizing my Soc.Sec. # forevermore, I still retain the titles and artists' names of scores of artworks from my days in the Art History Department slide library, my first work-study gig, and from long, dark afternoons in the survey classes where you had to identify random slides as part of the final exam.

4...law school?
That "aggravated" crimes do not mean that the victim provoked the perpertrator, i.e. "aggravated" them!

5...your life since graduation?
Leaving out everything culinary, blogular, or prurient...I'll go with how to rack up many points in Scrabble, which is to exploit the premium tiles ruthlessly, and learn some 2 and 3-letter words.

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