"No, honey, 'Shogun Assassin' is too long." -- That's probably my favorite line from "Kill Bill Vol. 2" which I saw with Nat last night, and I liked it even better than the first installment, despite its bizarre premise, basically a kung-fu movie crossed with an episode of "Oprah" about abusive relationships. Once you realize that Quentin Tarantino is a) a crazy nerd and b) still a brilliant storyteller, you can sit back and enjoy the rambling dialogue, great camera work, spine-tingling suspense, and totally over-the-top gore. Or, maybe not, if that's not your thing. Anyway, this link is a comprehensive guide to all the movie references he makes in "Kill Bill," it goes on and on and on...I would add "High Noon" and maybe "Raising Arizona" to the list. Also, here's a great article on "20 More Things You Gotta Know About Bill."

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