"The Boston Red Sox 2004: The Magic of the Mullet" -- the fans have spoken, and cast a variety of celebs to play the Red Sox in an imaginary sequel to their 2003 documentary film. My personal casting choices below...though I admit, Val Kilmer in "bloated Jim Morrison mode" as Johnny Damon is pretty good!

Terry Francona -- Stanley Tucci
Nomar Garciaparra -- Charlie Sheen
David Ortiz -- Ving Rhames
Kevin Millar -- Kevin James
Gabe Kapler -- Ashton Kutcher
Pokey Reese -- Sean Combs
Manny Ramirez -- Horatio Sanz
Mike Timlin -- Sam the Eagle
Bill Mueller -- Barry Pepper
Johnny Damon -- Captain Caveman
Pedro Martinez -- Jennifer Lopez: we need a drama queen!
Curt Schilling -- Andy Richter
Tim Wakefield -- Tim McGraw
Derek Lowe -- Donal Logue
John Henry -- C. Montgomery Burns
Theo Epstein -- Fred Savage
Jason Varitek -- Russell Crowe

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