Oh indeed, my friends, there is sometimes sweet justice to be had in this world...see below:


On top of everything troubling George Steinbrenner, he's been slapped with a $65 million discrimination lawsuit. Juan Tapia, who worked several years as the chef in the Yankees' executive dining room, claims he was fired three years ago because he is Dominican, "Celebrity Justice" reports. Tapia says he was dumped over what management called "an unsatisfactory lobster meal," so maybe Steinbrenner just discriminates against bad shellfish. A Yankees spokesman pointed out that the team has no fewer than 16 Latin American players, and said, "George has never discriminated against anybody. It's outrageous."

That's from Page Six in the NY Post...you've got to love that "But I love Mariano Rivera!" defense...

UPDATE: It looks like Evil George may be adding a 17th Latino player to the Yankees roster soon. Oh SuperManny, we hardly knew ye...

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