Just when you think the Catholic Church can't get any more pompous and high-handed, they make some liturgical adjustments, to "introduce more reverence and solemnity" to the Mass. Also to prop up their crumbling empire, but I digress. For example, priests will not be allowed to walk amongst the pews during the sign of peace -- heaven forfend! And the priest will take Communion before any lay ministers approach the altar -- keep away, unworthies! Best of all, January 22 will henceforth be a "day of penance" for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade! I can only say it so many times: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Jesus is probably rolling over in his grave...oh, wait.

If this isn't enough to raise your ire, read the story of Robert Scamardo, former general counsel to the Archdiocese of Houston. He defended the church against lawsuits by clergy abuse victims...though he himself had been abused by a priest and a lay minister as a teenager. A very sad story of the psychological imprisonment built by church secrecy and greed.

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