Huzzah! Not only am I finally back in the blogosphere, there is much to report from the realm of Middle Earth, to start with. "The Return of the King" garnered four Golden Globe nominations this morning, for Best Picture, Director, Score and Song -- and as if it needs to be said, Peter Jackson is an utter lock for Director; he's a one-man cottage industry!

Before I get to my tale of the Trilogy, here's another exciting tidbit -- in August 2004, the Lord of The Rings traveling exhibit opens at the Museum of Science in Boston! It's the first U.S. stop on the tour, and while I fear it has just about nothing to do with "science," it will fill the coffers of the MOS like nothing else. That's the week after the Democratic National Convention happens in the Big Bean, too...it's going to be a jolly 2004 for the Chamber of Commerce, methinks.

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