And for yet another entry for the now-completely-dominated-by-Lord-of-the-Rings blog: the New York Times wonders, "Are Women Just Bored of the Rings?" Answer: grrrrrrr! Caryn James opines, "The final entry in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy reveals once more that what the chick flick is to men, this trilogy is to women." I'm not even sure what the hell that means, but I have a feeling it's that Caryn James likes chick flicks, which is enough of a reason to not let her write film content in the Times henceforth. I'm note even sure she actually watched "Return of the King" -- she declares the trilogy "an FX extravaganza tailored to an adolescent male's fear of sentiment and love of high-tech wizardry." Lack of sentiment, you say? I'd like her to point out another "male" movie where EVERY SINGLE MALE LEAD CRIES (ok, except Legolas, but he's an elf)! Weeps openly! Embraces the other male leads! Stares into the other male leads' eyes in platonic (?) devotion! Thank goodness for Stephanie Zacharek over at Salon, she takes the piss right out of this dimwit, calling the article "the latest entry in the "blue is for boys, pink is for girls" school of criticism." Yeah!

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