Ticket Stub: I spent Saturday afternoon in Kendall Square with Miss Kim, first looking for vintage clothes, then eating yuppie pizza, and finally seeing Inside Deep Throat, a flashy documentary on "the most profitable film ever made." Now, I've never seen the original flick, but I knew the story, and the doco includes a few, um...pivotal clips. The filmmakers have a very juicy topic -- the sexual revolution, amateur pornographers, the Mafia, the Justice Department, etc. They focus on the social context, then on the people who made Deep Throat (the director, a Queens hairdresser-turned-auteur, was my favorite, he's now 70+ and lives in Florida in high-waisted pants), the wave of legal repercussions, and how American culture and especially the "adult" industry have changed since the gauzy, naive 70's. This is all well and good, but it sounds like PBS -- and the directors here were going more for VH1. I found the soundtrack and visuals goofy and distracting, and the quick-cutting style made the film seem less substantial than it really was. A parade of talking heads, from John Waters to Alan Dershowitz, helped somewhat, but there was also a clear bias against any party who tried to rain on the porn parade back in the day: the federal prosecutor is presented as a prudish hick, and feminists like Susan Brownmiller and Gloria Steinem are shown as shrewish party-poopers. Uneven, but still enlightening. (B-)

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