"President Kerry" is starting to ring more and more plausibly -- and that's good news, even for a bitter Deaniac like myself. Over the weekend in a CNN poll, Kerry polled slightly ahead of Bush in a one-on-one matchup -- gee, how come Scott McClellan isn't spinning that to death? True, Bush is loaded with campaign money, but he's just not going to get very far criticizing Kerry on military service or on spending -- what with W. thunking down a half-trillion-dollar deficit "budget" proposal this week. Dare we hope? Dare we?!

Or maybe we'll just wait for the HBO original series -- a goofy Salon article on the spicy Heinz-Kerry clan, i.e. wife Teresa and kids from their first marriages, whose antics are tabloid-y enough to provide a little juice to the somber Senator. (Get the day pass to read the whole thing.)

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