What'sTheDownload.com -- as touted on the Grammy broadcast last night, the recording industry's new, horribly named anti-piracy site is slick and crammed with apostrophes: see the reader poll, entitled "Whatcha'Thinkin'?" It tries to boil down the thorny issues of digital copyright into youth-oriented kibble: "If we download from one of the many cool legal sites no problem. But if we share or swap music files on non-licensed Internet sites, or burn music onto blank CDs and give them away or sell them, then as a rule of thumb - it's not legal." Hmmm, I see a potential problem with the accepted "one copy" rule, i.e. that you can make one copy of, say, a CD you purchased, for personal use. They claim giving that copy away isn't "personal." Uh, whatever. Or, as Snoop Dogg said last night, "I feel you, nephew."

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