And now for today's gay marriage update -- so far, so good, but it's not over yet. Last night's legislative debate devolved into a filibuster by pro-marriage speakers, who read lengthy opinion pieces into the record until midnight, to prevent a vote on another proposed amendment. You can imagine the irritation of the opposition...hee hee. So now the whole thing is postponed until next month, when surely the frenzy will be even greater. Interesting to note: according to the Globe, the typical Massachusetts legislator is a 50-year-old, white, male, Roman Catholic, Massachusetts-born, married Democrat with two children and a graduate degree (about half are law degrees) who ran unopposed in the last election. Mmmmmm-kay, that explains a lot.

In related news, San Francisco made a bold thunder-stealing move yesterday by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in defiance of California law and Governor Terminator -- it should be an even crazier fight out there. It's such an exciting time, though, to see these civil rights battles played out...when I heard about the SF thing on the radio, the image that popped into my mind was from "The Return of the King," when the mountaintop bonfire beacons were lit, one after another...equality now, baby!

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