As I watch Bronson Arroyo lob very weak pitches at the Yankees...oops, and there he just hit Derek Jeter, nice one...I'll continue this weekend of blog relaxation with some Sox-related links: David Halberstam wrote a nice essay in yesterday's Globe on the scope of Red Sox Nation, and also Jackie Mullins' column was a paean to your favorite statuesque catcher and mine, Jason Varitek.

In other, somewhat Kerouackian news, it appears that Americans have now achieved the distinction of owning more cars that we have registered drivers to drive them, i.e. families with two parents and small children will have three or four cars, two for commuting, one for weekend trips, etc. While your brain throbs about that, note that this article takes the tone that this is a superlative, pleasurable, even patriotic thing...oh dear.

For a full-on migraine, check out this Times article, another triumph for compelling investigative journalism -- the Democrats are scared and confused about the 2004 election. DUH! "Uh-oh, the incumbent moron has lots of money!" "There are so many candidates -- could the electorate be alienated from the process? My goodness!" Grrrrrrrrrr.

OK, now to lighten things up -- check out this Law and Order Coloring Book! Complete with pitch-perfect dialogue, like Lenny Briscoe's signature deadpan zinger ("Talk about hitting a dead end," etc.) upon discovery of the corpse. S-w-e-e-t.

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