Ohhhhh dear...well, thanks to Marky the Vigilant for alerting me to the great unpleasantness that was my link to the Kid Who Ate 20 Burgers at In-N-Out...still unclear why and how it got corrupted, since I and others had no problems with it earlier today...I will chalk it up to the popularity of the link, which I got from kottke.org. Sweet fancy Moses...I apologize to any loyal readers who got led astray into hardcore hell...bad Internet, bad!!!

To replace those truly mindboggling images of beef & cheese, I'll link to the three places in the Boston area where I'd consider eating 20 burgers...over about a year's time, I guess: Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square (mmmmm, the Ted Kennedy); R.F. O'Sullivan's in the liminal zone between Cambridge and Somerville (mmmmmm, unpeeled fries); and the fratty yet delicious Eagle's Deli out at B.C. in Brookline, home of the whopping Godzilla burger and other heart attacks waiting to happen. Let's all eat, drink, be merry, and forget all about yucky cyberporn trauma...

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