Jennifer Garner wants YOU to join the CIA. Spook Central has offered the star of "Alias" a role in their college recruitment video, "both in character, as Agent Sydney Bristow, or as herself" says Chase Brandon, a man who not only has what must be either a very weird or a very cool job (film industry liaison for the CIA), but whose name is also a command. But I digress -- are we talking here about spending federal dollars to promote the CIA by featuring a fictional (albeit attractive) slice of the corrupted liberal Hollywood pie? It's one thing to have Raymond Burr on a jury duty video, but how exactly would "Agent Bristow" represent a realistic view of CIA life? On a more litigious note, I wonder how Disney/ABC would feel about this character making an unlicensed appearance, even for Uncle Sam...

In the meantime, here are some other celebrity recruiter suggestions:

1. Mitch Pileggi for the FBI (clearly Duchovny wouldn't touch this)
2. Russell Crowe for the History Channel
3. Noah Wyle for Harvard Medical School
4. Sam Waterston for the Manhattan DA's office
5. Sarah Jessica Parker for F.I.T.

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