I think I'll just start calling this the Post-Friday Five, since I never seem to get it done on time...oh well. Miss Kim's theme this time around: the Jewish New Year (5765, I believe):

Do you know who Kimpossible is? Yes I do!
How many people with the last name Cole do you know? Besides Kim and her brother...um...does having a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes count?
What religion do you consider yourself? When you're raised Catholic, it's hard to shake -- no matter how hard the Church tries to convince you! I still enjoy the community ritual of a worship service, whether a Catholic Mass or not, and I miss the activities and strong social justice commitment of the parish I grew up in. I haven't yet found a replacement...though this bunch seems promising...
What is the newest thing you have? Nat and I indulged in a little "back to school" shopping at the Wrentham Outlets this weekend, with stops in Eddie Bauer, a couple shoe places, and of course the Williams-Sonoma wonderland. Here's my coup du jour from there ($9.99!)...which I made an apple crisp in yesterday, after visiting the orchards with Kim.
What is your favorite year of your life? Each one has been good in a way, some more memorably than others...I'm happier now in some ways than I've ever been, and of course would go back to the past in others if I could. I remember feeling totally carefree and all-powerful at 5; I had the most fun when I was 15, then at 19, and again at 23. Least-favorite? Definitely 16 to 17, brutal. Now I'm 30 and I feel nearly 100% grown up; that's a nice thing.

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