"Give Kerry a helping hand." -- Ah, so this is how low Republican guys will stoop to get some action. Desperate vote-trading, via Wonkette. She's also got a Presidential Debate Drinking Game for tomorrow night, featuring directives like "Do a shot if Bush accuses Kerry of being 'French on terrorism.'" Should be a long night...

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delete said...

B right star shot through my night.
R eeled her in and held her tight.
I tried to keep her. I did with all my might.
G osh I tried to fight; but couldn't quite.
H er glow was just too bright.
T hough I tried to make it right,
S he left me with only memories of her light.
T hat Bright Star, for a while, eased my plight.
A nd for that I'll always be glad--not to sound trite.
R emember her still, and how hard I cried.