Happy Upcoming Birthday To Me -- as of midnight, I'll be 30, and no longer trustworthy, right? :P Thanks to Miss Kim for coming up with this Birthday Friday Five, as well as hosting a party for me!

Where were you 30 years ago? Still in utero -- according to my mom, 9-4-74 was the hottest day of the year, and she was watching TV when she went into labor. My dad drove her to the hospital, and was filling out the paperwork while I was born! This speedy trend would continue -- my little brother was nearly born in the car en route to the hospital (during a snowstorm and a flat tire, of course) in 1977.
Where would you like to be in 30 years? Wow, 60 -- isn't that "the new 40"? Hopefully I'll be at the top of my game doing work I really enjoy, whether that's legal or otherwise (writing? teaching?). I'll be living in a community with friends and hopefully family around, and enjoying the fruits of 2 decades of parenting as the kids go off to college -- I'm not interested in the "Motherhood at 50" scenario. Let's see -- also rich, in shape, in a solid, still-sizzling marriage and celebrating 7 straight Democratic Presidential administrations, that should do it!
What 3 wishful things would you like for your birthday this year? World peace, a digital camera, and dinner at Blue Ginger.
What was the best birthday present you ever got? Well, on my 7th birthday, I got a baby cousin, Meghan. The smallest things really stand out -- I turned 18 on the 3rd day of college, still didn't know too many people, and my R.A. had everyone on my floor sign a big card and she taped it to my door, with a lollipop! And I turned 26 a few weeks after the bar exam, totally depressed about my lack of job prospects, and the now Reverend Hilary presented me with one donut hole with a candle stuck in the top -- it hit the spot.
What is your overall opinion of birthdays? Mine is always during Labor Day Weekend, so I associate it with the end of summer and the start of the school year, very bittersweet and yet exciting at the same time. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Blue Ginger in UNBELIEVEABLE ! We went for my graduation. Have the lychee martini, and if you're lucky, you just might meet Ming ! He was there when we went and he's totally cool, just like on his show.