Miss Kim has come up with a delightfully random Friday Five today, culled from the depths of last night's packing extravaganza:

If you didn't have scissors, what would you use to cut?  Hmmm...I think it depends what needs to be cut.  I usually attempt to use my teeth, not too smart but a hard habit to break.  If it's paper-ish, I try to score-and-tear.  If an implement is needed, one of my Cutco knives really will cut anything.

What is the farthest you have moved? I haven't moved very far, not more than 25 miles or so with my family.  I guess when I moved to Boston to start college counts, and when I lugged a summer's worth of clothes, books, art supplies, and junk to San Francisco every summer in horribly overstuffed duffel bags to work here.

What is the oldest food product in your house?  Judging by the detritus I threw out last night, I think it was a jar of onion powder from about 1995!  That pales in comparison to the six-years-expired jar of (unopened) mayo I found in the pantry about a year ago, though...

If you could only save one thing (pets excluded) from your house in a fire, what would it be?  The small, irreplaceable things, though they're not all in one place, would be hard to let go: my vintage cookbooks and china, handmade Christmas presents, jewelry.  Only one thing?  Maybe the plush dingo I got for Nat in Sydney -- it took forever to find one! 

What is your ideal indoor temperature?  I like it cool and breezy inside, even in the winter!  Well, then not breezy, but not overheated -- I like a cool bedroom with lots of warm blankets on the bed.  These days, there's a ceiling fan over the bed, but when there's a/c I like to do what my mom always railed against: take a shower and then lie with my wet head directly in front of the cold air...aaaahhhhhh!

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