Free iPods for Duke Class of 2008 -- bought at a discount by the school, to be used for "academic enrichment" and listening to the school fight song, which comes pre-loaded.  I guess getting a free laptop (or in my sister's case at Drew Univ., being required to buy one from the school as a line item in your tuition bill) is no longer cutting-edge enough.  Next up: Harvard Class of 2019 to receive personal robot assistants...or maybe monkey butlers


Nathaniel said...

The monkey butler link does not work. Might I suggest this link?

Nathaniel said...

(geezer)Back when I went to college, we had to listen to cassette tapes! And if we wanted some pornography, we didn't have no fancy computers with the Internet on 'em: We had to watch Baywatch and Silk Stalkings on the USA Network! And we liked it!(/geezer)