It's time once again for Miss Kim's Friday Five -- this week's theme, "50 Nifty United States...":

What was the last state you visited?
I was in NJ a few weeks ago for my sister's housewarming party.

What state were you born in?
Yup, NJ again, St. Michael's Medical Center in lovely Newark.

What state would you like to visit next?
I'll interpret this question as meaning the next state I have not yet visited, which would be Wisconsin. Or Hawaii -- everybody wants to go to Hawaii!

If we were to have only 49 states, which one would you eliminate?
Honestly, I think California should be spun off into its own nation-state...same for NYC. I don't think the framers had in mind that two of the states would have economies the size of foreign countries, and take in federal appropriations to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

What is your state of being right now?
Very excited -- not only did I have a 2-day work week, I just got some exciting news from the Natster, about a potential canine friend for us...Keep your fingers crossed, people...

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