Behold Miss Kim's Colorful Friday Five (in honor of the new color capacity of Blogger):

What color are the walls of you bedroom?  White.  Aaah, soothing.  I grew up in a room with weird, nubbly wallpaper, with a repeating paisley and stripe pattern that drove me insane.  Thus, white.
What was your favorite color in fourth grade?  My favorite color's always been blue, but in the mid-80's I went through a power-purple/hot pink/fuschia phase (like many, many other little girls, I'd like to note).  Ah, I still remember my favorite purple polo shirt, w/pink and white stripes around the collar!
What color are your undies today?  Grey, and they are the second-most comfy pair I own, which is to me the most important factor.
What color is your natural hair color?  It's black...with encroaching greys!  Damn you, genes.
What color pen do you prefer to write with?  I used to be all about the black ink, but now I use blue all the time for contrast on my yellow legal pads, and to highlight my signature on things...how lawyerly.  Here's my choice pen of the moment.

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Nathaniel said...

SO the most important factor of your underwear is that they be the second-most comfortable pair you own? ;-)