I know Bostonians are crochety, but this is a new low -- there are some pretty pissed off people this morning venting their splenic displeasure over the unsurprising announcement by the US Secret Service that I-93 will be shut down during the evenings of the Democratic National Convention in July. What really gets me is that so many people are parroting our mealymouthed Governor and calling for a change of venue to the new convention center in South Boston -- you know, the one that's a) no going to be finished in time, b) is booked with MacWorld Expo until 10 days before the DNC, c) isn't the right type of venue for television coverage, d) will be equally difficult to secure (it's on the water, 100 yards from the airport and not far from the infamous LNG port!), and e) will equally paralyze transportation downtown since it's not on the T or close to any hotels, etc. My prediction: people will grouse non-stop about this, the con will come off with a modicum of fuss, and everyone will pretend it was no big deal and that they thought so all along. That's the New England way! >:-Z

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