Hey moms, why have kids? -- They cost a mint to raise, turn your life upside down, and might give you Maternal Depletion Syndrome! Ah, but they're the future: "Today's chubby-cheeked darlings on the playground will become tomorrow's adults who take care of the sick and elderly, run the government, collect the trash, hold the hands of hospice patients, fix our cars, cure our diseases, harvest our food, create our cultural masterpieces, and generally keep the economy trucking along." Also, they are often cute! An interesting balance sheet from Brain, Child magazine.

And for parity: Hey dads, why do you exist at all? The BBC probes the big biological question, "Are males necessary?" Answer: a resounding yes, of course. ;)

And the coup de grace from New York Magazine, consistent provider of quality fluff: "Why My Wife Won't Sleep With Me," the sad, annoying tale of a househusband who's turning into Emma Bovary while his magazine editor wife works fierce hours and is "never in the mood." Before you get volcanically irritated with this guy, click here and let "Pencopal" do it for you in her online diary! I quote: "Take your balls out of their velvet case and reattach them." Yeow!

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