Bow to the CHUD list! -- OK, I just wanted to write "CHUD," which in this case stands for "Cinematic Happenings Under Development," not "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers," thankfully. ANYWAY, this is a list of 100 Movies That Deserve More Love, i.e. underdogs, little-seens, and beloved 80's classics. Wow! It includes many of my favorites, from cerebral sleepers (Contact, Big Night, Gattaca) to overlooked comedies (The Cable Guy, Living In Oblivion, Jackie Brown) to childhood nostalgia (Dragonslayer! Young Sherlock Holmes! Point Break!). I know Nat will love this as it includes not only The Money Pit, but also The Ref, which I think he has quoted to me in its entirety. :P What does it say about me that I've seen (and enjoyed) most of these movies?? Frankly, everyone should rent Liberty Heights, it's probably the best one on here. I'd add a few, too: Flirting With Disaster, Lone Star, and Lantana. And for good measure, I think Keanu's forgotten gem is Permanent Record. Yarr!

UPDATE: And in other movie news, try your hand at The World's Hardest Movie Quiz, complements of the Village Voice. Warning: they are not kidding. Here are the answers, you'll need them.

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