You know I can't stay away from a few good online quizzes, and today has been the kind of day at work where you just want to climb under your desk and never emerge. Thus, click away and find out which tarot card are you, what sort of fruit (no surprise, there are a lot of bananas out there), what flavor of Pocky stick Japanese cracker/candy (I'm chocolate, yes!), which John Cusack character you most resemble (Iceman! Power Lloyd!), and just to make sure, whether or not you're an idiot. Watch out for that last one.


Kimpossible said...

Kimpossible is a High Priestess, Banana, Chocolate Pockie, didn't take Cusak and a complete idiot. Geez! I thought I would learn something new!

margalit said...

David Shayne. Not all that surprising.