Allow me to share a few Roadside Sightings, folks:

1. Yet another triple-take bumper sticker in Bedford -- at the junction of Rt. 62 and The Great Road, a nondescript sedan with a nondescript lady at the wheel sported this squintworthy label: "Caution! I brake for Elves, Faires, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Unicorns, Dragons, and other invisible creatures that only I can see." :-0

2. Some troubling items noticed at the Arlington Stop & Shop: the label on the French bread loaf (I cannot rightfully call it a real baguette) I bought for $1.29 was emblazoned: "Baked Fresh Today." That is, with the quotation marks! Maybe I should refer to it as "French" "bread" instead. Then, at the checkout, I had to laugh at the covers of the tabloids, all emblazoned with Brangelina nonsense. The Enquirer cover story said a mouthful about changing social mores: "BRAD and ANGELINA: "So happy!" They're living together, they're expecting a baby -- could marriage be next??" Hmmm, times have changed.

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