I decided to rip off the Ten Five Meme from The Leery Polyp -- whose entry made me laugh and laugh and laugh:

What were you doing ten years ago? As I just noted to Marky, in celebration of his birthday, I was living in a suite with 9 random other Tufts students, including him, with whom I made really repulsive homemade pasta (we hung it over my clothes-drying rack and it fell apart, so we made the leftover dough into a phallus and threw it out the window....ah, college). In another month my girlfriend would return from her 6-month postgrad world tour/safari and move into my 8x8 dorm room. 14 months later we would split up during the infamous April Fool's Blizzard -- poor Mark was a witness to that too! I had no idea what I was going to do after graduation, having taken the last GRE of the year on a whim, and applied lackadaisically for a fellowship on campus which I did get, thus turning into one of those 5th-year-senior hanger-on types. Sweet!
What were you doing five years ago? Talk about saturn return: I was sloooowly breaking up with another girlfriend and desperately trying to find a real legal job; at that point I was filling in for a maternity leave in the trademark department of this company, and sending out 10 resumes a week. I had spent the summer taking the bar, and the fall totally depressed, watching every moment of the Sydney Olympics on TV and comparing myself unfavorably to the athletes, cursing myself for not being one of those people who took a job at a big soulless law firm for $190K and 90 hours a week. Ugh. 8 months later, I'd have a delightful new boyfriend and a job at a small, semi-soulless law firm on the morning of Sept. 11. By the next day, I knew I didn't want to work there anymore: the managing partner made a joke about how he had stayed in the office (right next to the federal building which was evacuated by the Natl. Guard) until 7pm, as usual, and the rest of us were wimps for going home early. Double ugh.
What were you doing one year ago? Same job, living in Watertown with soon-to-be-fiance for 6 months and starting to plan to move again in 6 more. Found out I'd botched my withholding and owed $2400 in income tax, d'oh! It was a long, grey, wet, cold spring, before a lovely summer.
Five snacks I enjoy: Pirate Booty, chocolate Twizzlers, Nutella, cheddar SunChips, and green grapes & blueberries mixed together.
Five songs to which I know all the lyrics: The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Silent Night (in English y en Espanol, "Noche de Paz"), American Pie (can you tell we sang songs around the campfire in my family?), Frank Mills, and the entire original cast albums of Annie, The Fantasticks, Les Miserables and West Side Story.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire: sleep more, work out more, write more, run for office, open a restaurant. Wait, is this what Oprah means when she says "Live Your Best Life Now" and all that? And isn't Oprah a millionaire anyway? Gah!
Five bad habits: never flossing, desultory litterbox maintenance, Mt. Washmore, picking at side of thumb with index finger, addicted to internet.
Five things I like doing: reading, watching movies, road trips, cooking Sunday dinners, everything with Nat.
Five things I would never wear again: Big red plastic glasses from middle school, white shoulder-padded minidress with ropes of fake plastic pearls (see above), white flats (ditto), ridiculous short overalls from college years, a suit to work every day.
Five favorite toys: Hoberman sphere, Sharpies, Crock Pot, Scrabble, sweet blessed TiVo.

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