Justice Scalia is a big fat hypocrite -- William Saletan points out the obvious on Slate, that Scalia voted in totally conflicting ways in this week's assisted suicide and abortion rights cases. Scalia says "value judgments" don't belong in Supreme Court opinions, yet he filed a long dissent in the suicide case ranting on about how lethal drugs are not part of a "legitimate standard of medicine." Um, according to you maybe, Dr. Scalia. He says the Constitutional text is all-important, that if something isn't specifically mentioned it doesn't exist -- but in the NH abortion law case he says oh no, the "legislative intent" is key, and since in this case the NH legislature wanted to restrict abortion access it's A-OK with him. Most ironically, Scalia fancies himself a champion of "state's rights," but apparently only if the states want to restrict abortion; if they want to make a state law allowing physician-assisted suicide, then hell no, the federal gubmint's in charge of regulating those drugs, so forget it, state! Looks like Antonin could use some drug therapy himself.

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