Five days into 2006 and I just set up my desk calendar -- waited until they were 50% off, of course. And here are some New Year's thoughts from the wise Clark Humphrey out in Seattle to ponder:

New Year's resolution number one: Don't become a Big Chill person.
New Year's resolution number two: Be kind to Big Chill people.
The coming year might, just might, mind you, bring a long-overdue opportunity for political change in this nation. If it's to occur, it'll have to be from the ground up, not from the politicians down. That means we've got to build an all-inclusive popular movement. And that means we left-O-center types have got to reach out to the widest possible swath of potential compatriots. And THAT means sacrificing one's own sense of subcultural superiority.
In other words, treat people who are different from you as your equals. Yes, I mean "those" people too.

Even people who watch television, drive cars, and eat meat.
Even straight white males.
Even football fans.
Even people who live in less funky neighborhoods.
Even people who don't want to have sex with you.
Even your co-workers.
Even timid drivers.
Even people who like to talk about real estate at New Year's parties.
I don't say it'll be easy, just necessary.

Awww man, timid drivers too? :P

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