"US Representative Barney Frank, a Newton Democrat, called Santorum 'a jerk'" -- yeah! Come on, Kerry, and Uncle Ted, get your licks in! Rick Santorum, the troglodyte Senator from Pennsylvania, stands behind his 2002 online blurb that Boston's "liberalism" and atmosphere of "sexual freedom" are responsible for clergy sex abuse in the Catholic church. To this, what can be said but....GUHHH?? First of all, he IS a Catholic -- have they not had any problems down his way? He also thinks "radical feminists" are encouraging women to "selfishly" work outside the home and ruin their families, he thought Terri Schiavo was "executed" by the state, and he says gay marriages "absolutely" threaten his own marriage (he has 6 kids, by the way). Brian McGrory pours on the sarcasm for us all -- and the locals are restless on Boston.com. Man, what a tool.

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