Kim's answered her Thursday Five with great brevity -- I'll try to do the same:

1) What is your favorite movie? If I had to pick one all-around fave movie to get stranded with on a desert island (uh, with a TV) it would be Raiders of the Lost Ark.
2) What movie have you seen the most times? See above. I've seen Four Weddings and A Funeral nearly as often...for some reason.
3) If someone made a movie about your life, what would it be called? Since Cameron Crowe has already stolen the original name of my hometown, and this has been done to death, how about an homage: Dial Em for Laughter or From Em to Eternity? :P
4) Who would you want to play the role of "you"? Cher -- why the hell not?
5) Who would be on the soundtrack? Man, who wouldn't be on it? How about Ben Folds writing his first film score -- yes!

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