There was never a better time for this Friday Five than today, Tuesday! It's all about catchin' up, and boy do I have to do some of that. Thanks, Miss Kim!

What was the last trip you went on? If I don't count the very trippy Olympic opening ceremony, it's the Lovell's Island camping trip this past weekend, a solid 36 hours of fun in the (pouring rain and) sun out in the middle of Boston Harbor. Thanks to my awesome new tent, a.k.a. "Maison Yoda," we actually stayed nice and dry...uh, when we were in the tent, anyway. Next year, Grape Island, 2 nights, baby!

What was the last major purchase that you made? Um, my new tent, see above. I also bought an audiobook for my upcoming road trip, and resisted buying a $99 digital camera for same...self control!

What was the last disappointment you suffered? Not getting a great job I interviewed twice for at this company -- the lobby of which is emblazoned with the motto, "Where Wizards Work." Sigh.

What are your plans for this weekend? Friday Minnesota, Saturday Iowa, and Sunday Chicago! Nat and I will be eating our way across the Heartland, from the University of Wisconsin Dairy Store, to the many treats-on-a-stick at the MN State Fair, to Chicago's famous Superdawg...gotta remember to buy some Lactaid and PeptoBismol today.

What is your last "overcoming procrastination" success story? I think it's updating this blog...

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