Happy Birthday to the Index! Posted by Hello Things have been so nutty around here that the one year anniversary of this blog slipped by unnoticed, un-celebrated, un-blogged. Oh, the irony! But it's never too late to take a trip down memory lane -- start by reading the archive of those first few days in late July 2003...good times, good times...

Next, let's get back to the future with a post suggested by The Namesake himself, to record the Presidential Gaffe o' the Week, and this one's a lulu: Prez says we're out to get us! A new Bushism is born, and as the campaign heats up the Index rolls on...hopefully a year from now I'll have nothing to blog about but seaside snapshots of President Kerry on vacation with Kofi Annan and Kim Jong Il, while Teresa tours the resettled villages of Darfur and hands out diplomas to girls in Afghanistan...*blows out birthday candle.*

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Nathaniel said...

This is what Bush gets for trying to use too many modifiers: "We'll never stop not thinking about preventing terror...erp...what was I saying again?"

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Bush’s misstatement “just shows even the most straightforward and plain-spoken people misspeak.”What a nice way of saying "The President is incapable of speaking in compound sentences."