Ramblin' Manny -- Today's Globe has a rare interview with the Red Sox' lovable yet elusive slugger Manny Ramirez, on his day off in Illinois, just like Ferris Bueller. Posted by Hello Not only does Manny serve up the insights (he liked "The Village" and he drinks diet soda), he spends the day at a custom car garage, ordering work on a sweet vintage Lincoln Continental for his dad's 65th birthday...what a guy! Nat and I have often wondered what the hell it's like in MannyWorld...he's like the world's richest Muppet, seemingly fun-loving but how normal can you be when you get paid $90,000 per game? I pictured him at home, playing XBox games and folding $100 bills up to play tabletop football...but hey, he surfs the internet too. Check out the other photos -- love that fancy messenger bag. Viva Manny!

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Nathaniel said...

This article answers the question "what would Nat do with $90,000/day?" Answer: get driven around in a limo, eat at McDonald's, and customize a pimped-out Continental as a birthday present. Does Manny *ever* wear a shirt without a number on it ;-) ?

BTW, the "$90,000" figure is from a few years ago. I have recalculated for 2004- Manny's making $22,500,000 this season, which equals $138,000 for each of the 162 games this year. These figures are pre-tax, of course ;-)