It's time for...On the Road to Work:

1. Spotted: a tractor trailer going southbound on 95 emblazoned in huge green letters: "KANE...is able!" Some of you know my interest in truck graphics, and let's just say I almost crashed the car gawking at that one, and wishing I had a digital camera implanted in my left eye...

2. A small dump truck pulled out in front of me on a side road in Waltham, and as it sped up a foul tide of brown water cascaded out the back, ewwwwwww. I think the truck had just been hosed out, so it wasn't like garbage-water (ever been behind a garbage truck when that starts slopping over the side?), but still. A gold Jeep Cherokee behind me honked as I braked, and then cut around me...only to have to drop back behind the dump truck and directly into the spray! Ah, sweet justice.

3. On another small side road, I came upon a squirrel walking across the road. Not hopping along, as squirrels usually do, but walking at a slow, steady pace, like a horse or a dog would. I slowed, but it continued at the same pace until it reached the curb, unperturbed. Is this weird or what?

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Nathaniel said...

The Foul Tide Of Justice Presents:
Alternative KANE Slogans...

KANE: The Prodigal Trucking Company!
KANE: We Kill The Competition!
KANE: Our Cost? No Man Can Say!