"I wish he wouldn't interject his music with politics." -- So says MN governor and alleged Springsteen fan Tim Pawlenty of The Boss, who's headlining the Vote For Change swing-state tour in October alongside R.E.M., Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt, and other regime-change-minded musicians. First of all, if Gov. Pawlenty thinks Bruce's music is non-partisan, he might want to revisit "The Ghost of Tom Joad," just to name one glaring, populist example (or even better, this rousing cover version). Secondly, let me get this right: it's not OK for popular musicians to play a show for a partisan cause, which anyone may attend, but it is OK for our sitting President and Vice-President to run a re-election campaign where the public is required to sign away their vote to attend a stump speech? If these music fans are annoyed over where R.E.M.'s money is going, maybe they should examine where their own tax dollars are going at the hands of this Administration. Sheesh.

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