Mass. Gov. Romney wants Kerry to resign his Senate seat. -- This is so deeply lame. Our esteemed Governor has the time to blow raspberries at the Convention, at Mayor Menino, at the Democrats in general, all while scheming to squelch gay marriage rights, push through tax cuts and slash the budget -- no wonder he had to send his trusty Girl Friday, Kerry Healy, to make a stink about Sen. Kerry in the press. It seems to me that the voters who overwhelmingly re-elected Kerry to his seat in the first place aren't rallying in the streets trying to get him to show up in Washington more often. And speaking of absentee federal government figures, do we even have a Vice President anymore? As for President Candidate himself, well, I don't see John Kerry scheduling "Senate business" in battleground states and taping campaign commercial shots while on his way to roll call. Ahem. If Romney's so hell-bent on spoiling the Convention, the nomination, and the election, and winning himself an ambassadorship, can we expect him not to attend any swanky functions during the big party? Yeah, I thought not.

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