Because I love them so, here are some more Lunchtime Sightings:

1. As I was pulling out of the CVS parking lot in Bedford, I noticed the purple minivan in front of me had a little white bird on the roof -- not just any bird, but a pure white dove, it looked like it flew off a greeting card or something. As the car drove slowly ahead, the bird sat calmly above the open driver window -- in fact, I wondered if it was a pet bird for a minute, it seemed unfazed by this arrangement. Then, as I noticed the government plates on the minivan (likely from nearby Hanscom AFB), the dove flew off into the trees. Woah!

2. A few minutes later, I was going along a twisty stretch of Rt. 62 -- one of these suburban roads with blind turns and lots of driveways that people drive way too fast on because it's the unofficial thoroughfare through town. As the car ahead of me headed left around a turn, I stopped short: a black Audi station wagon on an intersecting road blew right through a stop sign and was headed straight for me, not to mention the cars behind me and the cars in oncoming traffic. I honked and shouted out the window, "Stop sign, STOP SIGN!" The woman (and her teenage daughter and their dog, come to think of it) all looked at me with the same slack-jawed, clueless expression -- she lookd where I was pointing, but had pulled so far past the stop sign she couldn't see it. Gahh!! Massachusetts is thinking of changing the regulations for teenage drivers -- maybe they should throw in yearly IQ testing for suburban luxury motorists too.

3. One more driving note: a woman behind me at a stoplight this morning had a full-size wall calendar open on the steering wheel, with pictures of puppies on it. She was flipping through it madly and, of course, talking on a cellphone. Sigh.

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