I guess these Lunchtime Sightings are becoming a daily occurence:

1. On Middlesex Turnpike, a cheery yellow delivery van emblazoned, "Grab A Peggy Lawton!" The Peggies in question are cookies and brownies baked by right here in East Walpole, MA -- they're sold for like $0.99 at every checkout lane around, but I didn't know they even had a brand identity. This delivery truck looked to be vintage...I wonder if it's the only one?

2. As I walked past the twin water fountains in my office, I noticed a banana sitting on one of them, as if someone had put it down while taking a drink and then forgotten it. Will it be claimed? Tune in tomorrow...

3. This isn't a sighting so much as a discovery: inside the liner notes to the new Wilco record, which I bought today, are some very funky drawings by one Gladys Nilsson, a Chicago artist who was part of "The Hairy Who," aka the Chicago Imagist school of painting, back in the 60's. Neato.

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