Yet more Strange Lunchtime Sightings:

1. A bright blue Subaru WRX with the NH license plate "MMMWRX."

2. A man driving a silver Mitsubishi with a cellphone nestled between his left shoulder and ear, and his right hand stuck out of the sunroof, just dangling. Presumably his left hand was on the steering wheel...?

3. A chipmunk.

4. A group of Welsh tourists at the Stop & Shop, buying bottled water, bagels, and peppenoni sticks.


5. I purchased a Diet Pepsi (I know, I know) from the office vending machine and once again found it intolerably warm. I decided to use the drink-chilling sleeve someone has left in the office fridge -- basically an ice-pack for your drink. I cram the bottle into the sleeve, toss it in the freezer, and don't return for nearly an hour. The result? Perfectly chilled beverage: a biscuit-sized ice floe has formed in the bottle, which means the soda flows over it and then directly into my mouth, aaaaaahhhhhh. But that's the strange sighting: at first I was like, "What IS that inside my soda bottle?"

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Nathaniel said...

Mmm- I love authentic Welsh Peppenoni sticks, from the native Welsh Peppen bush ;-)