Ding dong ding dong -- the gay wedding bells are pealing away here in the Bay State, as the first same-sex couples get hitched, woohoo! My friends Eve and Brenda were Couple #7 in line outside Cambridge City Hall last night, waiting in line for ten hours to get their license! They were pelted with rice, soap bubbles, and good wishes from thousands of cheering supporters, and they're off to the rabbi some time today -- then next month their long-planned wedding day arrives right in the middle of Pride Weekend, whew. The Globe is chock full of excited coverage, including a slightly odd editorial from Howard Dean, who offers his congratulations, wizened advice as the man who presided (barely) over the advent of civil unions in Vermont, and some handy "facts about gay and lesbian Americans." YEEAAAAARRRRRHHHHHHHHHH!

UPDATE: There's a volcano of press coverage about all the weddings, but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words -- check out the Yahoo! News slideshow of happy couples. It's impossible not to smile after 50 or 60 shots of beaming newlyweds...those no-fun-damentalists should try it!

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